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Unlock Your Funding Potential

Identify Your Most Fundable Project

Do you feel like you're spinning a dozen plates at once? Leaders of small charities or CICs often struggle to get to fundraising because of having so much to do and not knowing where to start.


I've been there, in overwhelm-land, and I've created a quick, practical training and worksheet to stop you spinning your wheels. The groups that I want to help most don't have much to spare so it's just £7.

Really impressed! Very logical, lots of practical examples and had a tangible impact on our successful applications. Simply put I wish I had done one of Phyllis's courses 10 years ago!” Simon Parr, Open Door

Fundraising While Drowning?

Lots of fundraising training is about how to steer your boat, which is nice if you have one. Many great people are treading water or straight-up drowning trying to take care of their organisation. I work with lovely larger charities and CICs to make their boats bigger and faster, but Truffle Pig has always been about helping those struggling in the water. I haven't forgotten what that feels like! Let's get you to calmer seas.

How This Course Can Help

What if by next week you didn’t feel pulled between multiple great ideas, all deserving of funding? Imagine having the confidence and knowledge to navigate the complex world of funding bids, knowing exactly what to work on and how to maximize your chances of success.  

Unlock Your Funding Potential : Identify Your Most Fundable Project Idea is here to bring you clarity, build your confidence and get you moving with:

  1. Guidance. I’ve captured the process I’ve used with 100+ clients, from freelancers to directors of big institutions (everyone can get stuck in overwhelm!)

  2. Tools. Completed examples, fillable templates, worksheets and transcripts.

Unlock Your Funding Potential Quick + Easy £7 Training

We were struggling to choose what funding to apply for first. You are so good!" Hania Chiawalkowska, Aerial Art House CIC

  • Is it live?
    No. You can choose when to do each module - one at a time or all at once.You will receive pre-recorded videos that will explain the principles, process and guide you through the worksheets. Completing the full course and process should take 1hr to 90mins. My free Facebook group is available for you to ask questions about the course content.
  • How do I access the course?
    You will immediately receive an email from Stripe with your receipt. You will receive second email from with: A link to the workbook document which contains video, audio and text resources. Each module is on a separate tab of the workbook. The whole course as a printable PDF If you do not receive your email with the course link and PDF within 48 hours contact us on
  • Is it really £7?
    Yes. Those that can pay more to work me one on one do, which supports me to make affordable resources for those that can't yet. My motivation is that more people doing important work have an easier time. I want buying this to be a simple decision for anyone already rushed off their feet trying to do good things in their community. I hope it helps!
  • What if I get stuck?
    Join the free Facebook group here and if you are stuck with the course content ask a question in the group or drop me a direct Facebook message! If you are stuck with accessing your course please email I aim to get back to everyone in 48 hours.
  • Do I need to prepare for the course?
    No. Set aside a time to work through it, all you need is you, your project ideas and your preferred method for writing things down. All other resources is provided in the videos and worksheets. In total going through all 9 modules should take under an hour. Doing the exercises should take an additional 15-30 mins. Pause recordings for 2 to 5 mins to do the exercises or watch/listen/read multiple times. I recommend doing the exercises as you go so it stays off your to-do list!
  • Can I get a refund?
    As a digital product that is immediately available cash refunds are not available but credit towards other Truffle Pig Training products can be offered if it’s not a good fit for you. Contact
  • What if I’ve never done funding before?
    Welcome to one of the most useful skills you can ever learn! I promise it isn't a dark art, even I do enjoy wearing wizard robes sometimes. I work a lot with people on their first ever funding applications. I aim to make everything at the Application Building Level suitable for people without grant writing experience, using no jargon and with no previous knowledge required. If you find yourself out of your depth with this or any Truffle Pig Training Digital product please ask a question in the free Facebook group or make contact at
  • Can I do this if I'm really short on time?
    Yes! You get everything at once broken down into bite-size chunks. You can do it at your own pace - all at once or spaced out over a period of time. You will have access to everything online for at least 12 months.
  • Does this course work for freelancers?
    Yes, it will help you find your most fundable idea but be aware that there are only a handful of funding sources open to individuals. To get funding you might need to partner up with a charity or CIC would be the applicant organisation.
  • Are you any good?
    Attenders of past training sessions say so: "One of the most useful things I have ever done." Jade, Articulate Cultural Trust "I've shared my learnings with my small team and it has really transformed the way we are thinking about projects, funding and generally everything!" Sally, Youth Theatre “This clarified so much that I've felt hazy about when trying to write grants. Really enjoyed it and felt inspired.” Lauren, Rhyze Mushrooms CIC
  • What other digital trainings do you offer?
    There are many more in the pipeline! Sign up for updates on when they will be released or suggest a topic you would love to see covered.

Hi! I'm Phyllis...

...and I created the Unlock Your Funding Potential tools to help my clients streamline their fundraising workload. I work with several organisations each with dozens of programmes, so I have to be able to quickly identify the strongest project ideas that are ready for a grantwriter to start bringing in money.


I have been fundraising for 20 years, for multi-million pound national organisations, high-end consultancies and, more importantly, in the trenches of creative and community work. I’ve run venues, festivals, tours, companies and youth charities, starting from scratch and always with limited time and money. 


I’ve put this knowledge into practical exercises that you can do in an hour and be implementing next week. 

"The BEST fundraiser I've ever seen." Robert Kennedy, Baltic Street Adventure Playground

I want to know about future training products.Sign me up!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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