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Truffle Pig

stress-free grant fundraising for small but mighty organisations

Helping you secure more grants by submitting stronger applications and tackling the overwhelm of managing funding alongside other responsibilities. 20 years of grant-writing experience and a background in producing has allowed founder Phyllis Martin to support over 100 organisations, raise over £14m in funding, and write countless successful grants.

Truffle Pig Training is about sharing real-life info and practical know-how that helps you get results quickly when the pressure is on (let's be honest, when isn't it?)

Whether you're a first-time fundraiser or an experienced development manager, let us help you find more funders, manage your workload, and increase your success rate without burning out.

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I'm Phyllis Martin, a Fundraiser, Trainer and Consultant with over 20 years of grant-writing experience. Throughout my career, I've worked as a producer for venues, festivals, touring circuses, and youth education projects. I've been on the frontlines of arts, youth, and community charities, CICs, and volunteer groups, gaining invaluable insights into the grant funding landscape.

During 10 years of consultancy I helped organizations of all sizes create fast and practical funding strategies. I've written thousands of successful grants, raising over £14m in the process. My expertise lies in fundraising, grant writing, and funding strategy, and I'm here to share my knowledge with you.

I believe in equipping busy third-sector people with the know-how, skills, and practical real-life examples that work fast, so when the pandemic hit I started offering training. It turns out anyone who needs to learn grant-writing fast can use my tried-and-tested techniques and tools to find more funders, manage their workload, and increase their success rate without burning out.

This started Truffle Pig Training and over 3 years I've supported 100+ fundraisers of all levels with live workshops, courses and coaching solely through word of mouth. My track record speaks for itself, and I'm committed to helping you achieve your funding goals. Get in touch for small group training, introductory workshops, bespoke programmes and digital courses!


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Bringing Home the Bacon


Knowing where to apply for money, how much to ask for and when their deadlines are.

Review the main types of funders for the community and creative sectors, learn the best places to look for funders interested in your type of projects.

'Find Funder' training and advice focuses on where to apply for money and how much to ask for.

Features in:

Free 5-min video in the Truffle Pig Community

Make A Strategy 2 Day Masterclass

Grant Writing Coaching


Have a strategy, manage and track the workload of application writing without going crazy.

How to match the projects you have to the funds that are out there, how make and run a database that tells you what to write next to hit relevant funding deadlines.

Features in:

Make A Strategy 2 day Masterclass

Grant Writing Coaching



Double your success rates, cover your core costs and make projects less stressful

Detailed walkthroughs of how to build the two tools you need for projects to attract funding and be fun to deliver. Most people hate one or both of them, but they are a) vital and b) not that bad if you have someone to guide you through.

Timelines and budgets.

Learn how to defeat them.

Features in:

Free examples in the Truffle Pig Community

Budgeting Mini Course

Grant Writing Coaching


The difference between good ideas and full bank accounts.

Outcomes, indicators and evidence are like silver bullets for fundraising. They are how your good idea stands out from the crowd of hundreds of good ideas.

They can be simple, they can be useful. They can be your friend.

Features in: 

Grant Writing Coaching.

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Charities, Community Interest Companies, Constituted Groups, Freelancers, Individual Artists, Volunteers

"Working with Truffle Pig has been golden, it's just invaluable and has made all the difference."


Stellar Quines create theatre and nurture artists that celebrate the value and diversity of women and girls. We work with their creative team to create and deliver a strategy, train up staff, draft and edit applications that have brought in new funds from highly competitive sources. 

Truffle Pig grant-writing and training has also been successful for: Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Circolombia, Urban Uprising, SHRUB, Solar Bear, Hopscotch, Stellar Quines, Oi Musica,  musicALL, Indepen-dance, Potential in Me CIC, Education Scotland, Tramway, Articulate, Starcatchers, CircusWorks, American Youth Circus Organisation.



Truffle Pig Grant Writing Coaching

2024 Dates TBC

£780 per person full rate (organisation)

£490 per person concession rate (freelance/low-wage)


Small group online coaching for third-sector staff, volunteers or Board members who need to boost their grant application success and bring in more money. Advice on how to plan, what to say and how to say it to submit more and better applications.


You get:


  • Feedback on funding application drafts to improve your bids

  • 1-2-1 Goal-setting Session to identify your priorities

  • Personalised Coaching Prescription to increase success rate

  • Weekly 90minute group coaching Zooms on specific skills

  • 1-2-1 Weekly Check-ins for momentum, accountability and Q&A

  • Online platform for communicating and networking with programme members and accessing resources

  • Successful application library for reference


"Phyllis was just fantastic, very knowledgeable and engaging."

NESCAN Toolkit member


"I did the course and was really impressed - very logical, with lots of practical examples. My new fundraising volunteer did the same course and what he brought back had a tangible impact on our success (more than paid for both course fees). Wish I had done one of Phyllis's courses 10 years ago!"

Simon, Open Door


“Very informative and full of useful information with clear and concise direction, excellent backup videos to study in your own time and on hand tutor advice throughout. Would recommend to anyone looking for grant funding from new to seasoned administrators.” 

Thomas, Hopscotch, 2020 Toolkit 

With 15 years experience in the trenches of arts, youth and community sector grant-writing, I know how hard it is to find the time and focus to fundraise well. This programme gives you practical, realistic knowledge, advice and as much information as I can throw at you. Over 100 organisations have trained with me and have lovely things to say about it. 


"This is one of the most useful things I have ever done, I'm going to use it in my whole life not just fundraising."

Jade, Articulate Toolkit programme.


"I've since shared my learnings with my small team and it has really transformed the way we are thinking about projects, funding and generally everything!"

Sally, YTAS Winter Toolkit programme


Such an incredible resource and really clarified so much that I've felt hazy about when trying to write grants. Really enjoyed it and felt inspired.

Lauren, Rhyze, Summer 2021 Toolkit programme


Money back guarantee and payment plan available with Klarna

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To reach Truffle Pig Training please contact Phyllis at:

Ninja Unicorn, 1 & 1A, 55 - 57 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G12 9BG  |  Mobile: +44 7525 085843 or complete the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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