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Truffle Pig Consulting is closing

A woman stands at a microphone in a long black coat, with her right hand on her heart. Musicians, singers and children stand behind her, with a few microphones, in the same pose.
Let It Grow, by Karine Polwart and Oi Musica (amongst others), one of the many projects we've been lucky enough to work on. Image by Monique Lara-Lise, all rights reserved.

There is a big change coming this summer: Truffle Pig Consulting will be closing its doors, with staff finishing work between 23 June and 31 July 2022.

Whilst Phyllis and Erin are both sad to see Truffle Pig Consulting finish, there have been some behind-the-scenes pressures recently that mean supporting the sector as this particular entity isn’t possible anymore. We're extremely proud of all we have managed to accomplish in the last 8 years, but Phyllis and I are only a small, visible part of a much larger whole: huge kudos rightly goes to our amazing, stalwart team - currently Kim, Laura, Nicola, Claire and Clare – who have gone above and beyond for us, for their clients and for the sector. We will all continue to support the small, grassroots organisations we were originally set up to help, in many and varied ways.

One of these is Truffle Pig Training, which will launch in August 2022 to support the sector with skills and knowledge (but will not deliver grant writing or research work). If you’d like to be kept updated on Truffle Pig Training’s activities, please let us know using the Contact Form. You can also join the current Truffle Pig Facebook group, which will continue as part of that delivery, with news about opportunities and resources.

In addition, the majority of our staff are going on to work with their current clients - either as freelance contractors or in-house staff - so for the bulk of our organisations very little has changed. But if you do have any questions, you can drop Erin a line at

Finally, we want to thank *you* for your support of Truffle Pig, and the worlds, visions, ideas and enthusiasm you invited us to be a part of: continue to share these far and wide in the years to come.

Keep truffling,

Phyllis and Erin

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